Diploma in Primary Teacher Training (PTT)

Diploma in Primary Teacher Training (PTT)

Diploma in Primary Teacher Training (PTT)

A Diploma in Primary Teacher Training (PTT) is a certificate program designed to provide aspiring primary school teachers with the skills and knowledge necessary to teach children aged 5-12 years old. The program typically lasts for one to two years and may be offered by various educational institutions, including colleges, universities, and specialized teacher training centers.

The curriculum of a PTT diploma program typically covers a wide range of topics, including child psychology and development, teaching methodologies, classroom management, subject-specific pedagogy, educational technology, and assessment and evaluation. Students are also required to complete practical teaching assignments, which may involve observing and teaching in real classrooms under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are awarded a diploma or certificate, which qualifies them to apply for primary school teaching positions in both public and private schools. Some diploma programs may also offer job placement services and continued professional development opportunities for graduates.

Why to choose career in Primary Teacher Training (PTT)?

Today’s Primary teachers are working in the field of early education are expected to be professionally trained as they are regularly facing challenges in classrooms. PTT course shapes you into a professionally Primary trained teacher.

PTT gives the dedicated awareness and brings the expertise to work with kids providing them a holistic development. A professional Primary Teachers training has become compulsory and primary schools are emphasize on hiring certified PTT candidates as they are responsible for shaping the Career in a constructive learning environment.

Big Career opportunities from the course Primary Teacher Training (PTT) like You can join as a Primary Teacher in Public or Govt. School, You can open your own play way School and You can work with NGO’s also.

Eligibility and duration of PTT Course:

The duration of PTT course is one year emphasizing on providing all-inclusive knowledge about the different aspects of teaching from understanding child psychology to the knowledge of various subjects taught in Primary sections. The basic qualification to get admission in the PTT course is 10 +2 passing certificate.

Why is NITT best for you?

Our Diploma in Primary Teacher Training (PTT) is structured on the latest curriculum catering confidence and skills to the students aiming to become primary teacher. Structured syllabus involves education on computer application, theory, Art and craft, practical etc to for complete grooming of future primary teachers. We also provide customised classroom with ideal set up, library, adequate number of computers along with providing ideal syllabus and qualified faculty for Diploma in Primary Teacher Training (PTT). Our PTT course is affordable fee structure aiding to gain skills at reasonable cost. PTT students also have scope of employment in NGO’s and also establish their own primary school. Students studying primary teacher training course at NITT one of the premium institute makes them confidents and proficient teacher.